Rules for the use of the logo

It is possible to download the EMMERRE logo in the pdf format at this link.

For a correct use it is sufficient to use the logo as in the downloaded pdf format. The colors and composition must not be altered from the original.

There must be minimum distance of space around the logo.

The logo must sit on a white background for a better vision.

The logo must not be transparent on colored backgrounds.

Download here for the png extension 2D (high resolution)

Download herefor the png extension 3D (high resolution)

For other logo versions and the usage manual write to

Spacing rules

Color palette


C 92% M 66% Y 26% K 11%

R 33  G 81 B 127


C 85% M 50% Y 0% K 0%

R 29  G 113 B 184


C 100% M 0% Y 0% K 0%

R 0 G 159 B 227